Beginner & Intermediate Pilates Apparatus International Certification Course (English) Sep11


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Beginner & Intermediate Pilates Apparatus International Certification Course (English)

Beginner & Intermediate
Pilates Apparatus International Certification Course (English)

|Date:  November 9, io, 12, 53, 14,15, 17, 58, 59, 2t, 22
|Venue:  The Pilatestudio 888/58-59 Phloenchit Road, Bangkok

The Reformer is the most commonly used piece of Pilates’ apparatus with over 5oo exercises that can be performed on it . Initially named Universa Reformer by its inventor (as it will reform your body), the reformer is an elegant and very versatile apparatus that challenges the core as well at the extremities and provides a total body workout.

Joseph Pilates invented the Cadillac during his captivity and designed it to rehabilitate bed-ridden patients using springs attached to the bed frame.Joseph named it Cadillac as it stands for All-American comfort, innovation and luxury, like the American car. The Trapeze is a reflection of Pilates’s time at the circus. On the Cadillac you will find a wide range of excercise from basic and gentle to hanging and acrobatics. It is very efficient for back and joint problems and when working with obese or senior students.


  • Attendance of 30 apparatus classes of which at least ten are taken as privates.
  • If you take the combined Mat I+Apparatus I course you will need to attend 4o classes, out of whic to are taken as privates and the rest 3o are divided between mat and apparatus classes.
  • Approval from the course, teacher.
  • Anatomy Course (can be taken with Body & Flow or elsewhere).
  • Completion of a Pilates Mat program (either with Body & Flow or elsewhere)

The course consists of:

  • Contact hours 72 hours (in class)
  • Observation hours 58 hours
  • Personal practice 7o hours (10+6o)
  • Assistant teaching 85 hours (10+35+40)


For reservation, please contact The PilateStudio Ploenchit  888/58-59 Mahatun Plaza, Phloenchit Road, Bangkok
Tel 02-6507797 , Email :