Beginner & Intermediate Pilates Mat Feb06


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Beginner & Intermediate Pilates Mat


Beginner & Intermediate Pilates Mat
International education Course (English) – Mat I

|By :  Tiffany Hebard
|Date: 2 March through 6 March 2015, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
|Fee:  USD 1,000 (THB 33,000)

Body & Flow comprehensive mat course includes 45 hours of interactive learning, practice, labs, problems solving and role games. From the very first fundamentals, through the beginner level exercises up to the more complex intermediate ones, we will cover all the exercises with a focus on execution, modifications and anatomy. In addition to working intensely on teaching skills and expanding teaching vocabulary we will learn how to spot and correct misalignments and problematic executions, posture and structure problems and how to touch in order to teach… Through practice and a lot more, our course helps to unfold the creative, passionate and kind Pilates teacher you are…

Our program includes:

• The Pilates principles and how to bring them to life through a class

• Teaching fundamentals, beginners and intermediate level exercises

• Emphasis on how to progress the students in a safe, appropriate way

• Ways to structure a class knowing how to adapt to different levels

• Cueing, “hands on” and teaching tips to support the students

• Learning common postural misalignments and how to address them in a class

• Tips on teaching the first classes, group classes and other class settings


  • Attending minimum 20 Pilates mat classes
  • Taking an Anatomy Course (with Body &Flow or elsewhere)
  • Receive the teacher’s approval


·         5 days, 8:30 to 16:30 and a 6th day for the exam – total contact (in class) hours : 45

·          Observation hours 10 hours

·          Personal practice 20 hours

·          Assistant teaching 20 hours

Total hours for Mat I: 95 hours

For reservation, please contact the studio at 02-6507797